Op Sessions will be scheduled once the physical layout, training classes, necessary paperwork and operating procedures have been completed. At this time, there are trackwork improvements needing attention, turntable issues to be resolved, and a thorough examination/debugging/testing of signaling software needs to be conducted. When these tasks are completed, the physical layout will be considered completed – at least for Op Sessions. Scenery detailing will still be needed, but the lack thereof will not prevent Op Sessions from starting.

Training classes, all kinds of paperwork and operating procedures are in progress at this time and moving forward. Preparation for Op Sessions has proven to be much more involved and time consuming than originally expected.

Having informal Shakedown Sessions with a small core group of layout-building friends will be the first step toward an official Op Session. Once procedural issues and unforeseen problems have been resolved, genuine Op Sessions can begin – probably on a quarterly schedule. There is no anticipated date for the first Shakedown Session. Since time pressure destroys the enjoyment of this hobby for me, I prefer to work without firm schedules. Steady progress in the forward direction is the goal.