This layout represents the NEW YORK CENTRAL Valley Division located in the Catskill Mountain region of upstate New York with branch lines connecting to Albany and Utica. Steam and diesel battle for supremacy with no clear winner in sight. Major features include a computer-controlled CTC-like signaling system controlling bi-directional traffic on a doubletrack mainline, two modular (portable) staging yards, wireless control panels for main yard turnouts, an inter-room telephone system authentic for the late 1940s, museum quality scenic artwork on the walls and numerous unique sound effects.

Technical Details

Additional Information

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Building a finished model railroad layout requires many different skills including carpentry, precision model building, artistic talent, electrical/electronics/computers, mechanical mechanisms, audio sound effects and a detailed knowledge of real railroad operating procedures. It is rare for any one individual to have all of the varied abilities necessary for a project of this nature. Over 50 skilled friends have participated in the construction of this layout. Here is a public "thank you" for their efforts. It could never have happened without their assistance.

Name Location Contribution
Dave Adams California Kingston Station Builder
Paul Berntsen New Zealand Electric Loco Builder
Jim Betz California Decoder Installations & Decoder Pro Educator
Jamie Bothwell Pennsylvania Passenger Car Consultant & Painter
Robert Carter California Audio Effects Specialist
Chuck Catania California JMRI Software Engineer & Code Wrangler
Richard Churchill Maine Smaller Structures Galore
Brent Delano California Web Site Creator and Ballast Meister
Michael Eldridge California Freight Car Builder
Dave Fontana California Steam Loco Machinist & Fixer
Rick Fortin California Fancy Trackwork & Staging Yards Benchwork Infrastructure
Stan Furmanak Pennsylvania Gondola Fleet Specialist
John Gibson California Control Panel Wiring & PRS Specialist
Earl Girbovan California Staging Yard Specialist & Operations Advisor
Arden Goehring California Benchwork Builder #1
Dave Haehn California Signals, Roundhouse & Circus Train Construction
Chuck Hakkarinen California Training Class, Operations Advisor & Signaling Software
Gale Hall Arkansas MOW Train Builder
Larry Hanlon Oregon Weathering Guy #1
Byron Henderson California Operating Procedures Advisor
Graham Henry California Benchwork Builder #2
Roger Huber Texas Freight Car Painter
Roy Inman Kansas Gas Station Builder
Dan Jackson California Benchwork Builder #3
Bob Jacobsen California Wireless Yard Panel Concepts
Lee Johnson California Benchwork Builder #4
Joe Kaminski Massachusetts Decoder Installations
Mike Kotowski California Wall Murals, Scenery and Dam Builder
Don Ledger Arizona Steel Bridges, Pine Trees, Roundhouse
Judi Loizeaux California Layout Skirts Design & Construction
Ed Loizeaux California Idea Man (one of many) & Stone Arch Viaduct Builder
Andy Malette Canada Olde Tyme Train Builder #1
Lance McCold Tennessee Loading Docks & Flat Car Specialist
Mike Mercer California Carpentry & Benchwork Builder #5
Roy Meissner Wisconsin Dairy Consultant & Creamery Builder
Rod Miller Oregon Brass Engine Fixer
Seth Neumann California Telephone System Specialist and Technical Advisor
Roger Nulton Washington Weathering Guy #2
Dave Parks California JMRI & Panel Pro Educator
Leo Pesce California JMRI Specialist
Greg Reiter California Semi-Unofficial Photographer
Jane Reiter California Benchwork Paintress
Ken Reiter California Electrical Connections and Signal Wiring/Installation
Bill Roberts California Benchwork Builder #6
Chris Rohde California Signaling Consultant and Wire Stringer
Sarah Rohde California Blue Sky Painter Extraordinaire
Rusty Rustermier California Steam Loco Painter & Fixer
Ray Sadler California Major Kit-Bashed Structures
Jim Schall Tennessee Wreck Train Builder
Gary Schrader California Brass Engine Fixer
Gerry Siegel Pennsylvania Olde Tyme Train Builder #2
Jeff Springer Maryland Diesel Shops & Passenger Terminal Builder
Michael Starkey Arizona Everything Logging & Olde Tyme Passenger Builder
Bill Stone California Control Panel Artwork
Don Thompson New Jersey Loco Loaner
Keith Thompson New Hampshire Doodlebug Builder
Sascha Tietz California Locomotive Tuner
Peter Vanvliet (Fourth Ray Software) Texas Web Site Maintenance (contact)
Keith White California Terrain, Mountains, Rocks and Everything Messy